Sunday, May 29, 2011

Blog of the Week 3

So kinda late with this one but busy day the other. Plus working on some projects that will be really cool but that's not the point here. I want to inform you of the cool blogs I come across in my spare time (which isn't much) which might present you with some entertainment, so here we go. Also Next week I'll have the inaugural blog of the month where you guys will vote on the blogs I've posted and the blog with most votes will be presented with the award. So check out the new widget on the side which will be a poll. Anywho here we go!

Follower of the week


Who doesn't love ska? Well if you don't, you should give it a chance and what better way then with someone who keeps on top of new bands and underground (as if the majority of ska wasn't underground) hits? With a regularly updated list of bands to check out, along with side notes including history lessons, this is certainly a blog you should check out and follow. Oh, and they recently hit 100 followers apparently, so keep up the good work!

Blog of the Week


Who doesn't play video games? No one. Who doesn't love free things? No one. So when you have a blog dedicated to finding cool flash games online to waste time with, who can truly argue it's notability? Sure there's plenty of developer blogs and gaming blogs and other blogs devoted to finding flash games, this one though has never failed in it's ability to find games that has appeal to a vast crowd of people. So go follow them and congratulate them on doing a good job!

Well now that y job's done it's your turn. Go vote for who you believe deserves the title blog of the month!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Blog of The Week 2!

Hey guys, sorry I haven't posted anything since the first blog of the week post, been one hell of a busy week for me. Anyway this week my decision for blog of the week was easy and follower not so much. I may have only 19 followers so far, but they are all good so I guess either way a decision had to be made. Also thanks to AllenTesch for the recommendation of a voting widget. I'm going to add one of those when I have a little more time (also when people comment with blogs they love and follow!). So now onto the main event!

Follower of the week:

Games, Music, and More

What fascinated me about this blog was his analysis of what is probably one of the most important elements of videos games and their creation, msuic. With in-depth historical analysis of some of the most legendary video game composers and information on music formats and data, this seemed like a no brainer to give heavy props to. Included in his articles on wiki links to give further reading. He does maintain several blogs so while not updated quite regularly, it certainly is a good read that you need to check out and follow.

Follower Voted Blog of the Week:

Blog of the Week

Creepy + Pasta

When you see a profile pic featuring masky (if you don't get the reference you don't lurk /x/ enough) you know you must be onto something really good, or cliche (ie continuous memes). This time around I was gladly surprised by a very well kept collection of creepypasta (for those not in the know good creepypasta is better then several cans of redbull and adderall when it comes to keeping you up at night, in other words short stories that are copied and pasted over the internet). With everything from corruption of your childhood memories, dark rituals (not just the MTG card either), and even some nightmare retardant thrown in for good measure; I've been following this blog since I began one myself and feel it needs recognition and you should follow it immediately.

That my dear followers is this week's edition of Blog of the Week. I'm quite happy with what I've come up with, are you guys? Let me know!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Inaugural Blog of the Week

So before we get on with our inaugural blog of the week I would like to point out the donate money button to the side, the reason? Well until I hit larger views and more followers I'm not exactly going to be able to give up any prizes now will I? So with that said keep a couple things in mind 1. More money I make from this blog more prizes I'll send out. Secondly if you help promote this blog and your blog becomes a blog of the week in any of the three categories, guess what... more followers for you. And thirdly I need everyone to vote on what the viewer requested blog of the week should be. Now with all that said here are the inaugural winners of Blog of The Week!

Follower Blog of The Week:
Professor Oak's  Rants Reviews More

I have three reasons why I chose this one. First, his username is Professor Oak. Secondly his profile pic is from Pokemon Gold. Third he is new and only has two posts and am always willing to help out a up and comer. And Lastly, because the few posts he does have are well written and I certainly agree on his music taste. Congrats! So go check it out, follow him and congratulate him on winning follower of the week!

Viewer Voted Blog of the Week

Why? No one voted on a blog of the week!

And drum roll please.... (would work far better with a sound bite, sigh oh well)

Blog Of The Week's First Blog of the Week goes to...

Kuriouserkate's Kuriouser and Kuriouser

The reason? Various obviously. First her art is quite unique along with a mixture of social and political commentary that I dare not avoid. It seems her prints are for sale and it is an up and coming blog that I can't wait to see more of so be sure to go check her out and follow her and congratulate her.

So that's this weeks Blog of the Week. I'll have some other posts throughout the week but this will do it for now. And remember if you want to get one of these prestigious awards follow and comment and a donation or two will be nice so I can spread love to the winners. Thanks for viewing guys until next week.

Just a recap

Blog of the Week
Kuriouser and Kuriouser by KuriouserKate

Follower Blog of the Week
Professor Oak's  Rants Reviews More

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Blog A Week

Since my other blog has become more of a mishmash of general thoughts and ideas (which you can check out at ) I decided to also start a more focused blog which I plan to update at least once a week. Essentially I'm going to scour the diverse interwebs in search of blogs I feel NEED to be seen by all. I'm going to actually post 3 different blogs. Blog of the week which will be chosen by me and my hunt for info and just general insanity. Next is Viewer Blog of the Week where I will read all the comments and the most listed blog I will post and generally talk about. Finally shall be Follower of the week where I shall randomly select one of my followers and post their blog. So there you have it. Again make sure to check out my other blog. I'll post all three every Friday.

One more time so everyone gets it.

Blog of the Week. I choose it from any blog or RSS feed for that matter.

Viewer Blog of the week. Leave comments to blogs that aren't yours and whichever is most interesting or has the most suggestions I will post that blog victorious.

Follower Blog of the Week. I will randomly select a follower (who does comment) and post their blog.

Good luck to those interested.