Friday, May 13, 2011

Inaugural Blog of the Week

So before we get on with our inaugural blog of the week I would like to point out the donate money button to the side, the reason? Well until I hit larger views and more followers I'm not exactly going to be able to give up any prizes now will I? So with that said keep a couple things in mind 1. More money I make from this blog more prizes I'll send out. Secondly if you help promote this blog and your blog becomes a blog of the week in any of the three categories, guess what... more followers for you. And thirdly I need everyone to vote on what the viewer requested blog of the week should be. Now with all that said here are the inaugural winners of Blog of The Week!

Follower Blog of The Week:
Professor Oak's  Rants Reviews More

I have three reasons why I chose this one. First, his username is Professor Oak. Secondly his profile pic is from Pokemon Gold. Third he is new and only has two posts and am always willing to help out a up and comer. And Lastly, because the few posts he does have are well written and I certainly agree on his music taste. Congrats! So go check it out, follow him and congratulate him on winning follower of the week!

Viewer Voted Blog of the Week

Why? No one voted on a blog of the week!

And drum roll please.... (would work far better with a sound bite, sigh oh well)

Blog Of The Week's First Blog of the Week goes to...

Kuriouserkate's Kuriouser and Kuriouser

The reason? Various obviously. First her art is quite unique along with a mixture of social and political commentary that I dare not avoid. It seems her prints are for sale and it is an up and coming blog that I can't wait to see more of so be sure to go check her out and follow her and congratulate her.

So that's this weeks Blog of the Week. I'll have some other posts throughout the week but this will do it for now. And remember if you want to get one of these prestigious awards follow and comment and a donation or two will be nice so I can spread love to the winners. Thanks for viewing guys until next week.

Just a recap

Blog of the Week
Kuriouser and Kuriouser by KuriouserKate

Follower Blog of the Week
Professor Oak's  Rants Reviews More


  1. Grats to Professor Oak! He's got a pretty nice blog goin' there, good taste, too!

  2. Love what you're doing for the blog community :)
    Suggestion: get a vote widget with user blogs that we can vote on each week! I would totally check them out and vote :)

  3. Yes! Thanks so much for this. I wrote a post about it, if you'd like to read it.

  4. I love the idea of this! Great job!

  5. Yes, yes. Nice job Professor Oak. I feel bloggers should be recognized more often.

  6. Already checked out the professor. And yes, a vote widget would work great.

  7. You're doing a good job man ^^

  8. awesome! hope to see mine there one day!

  9. Awesome post man! Keep up this excellent work!

  10. thanks for the tip, gonna check it out